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Best Phone Cleaner App 2018


A phone cleaner is an essential utility for your Android phone. It keeps your device free from all types of junk files and optimizes it to offer smooth performance.

ITL Phone Cleaner is the best phone cleaner you can have for your Android device. It is a one-stop solution for all your Android needs. It consists of several features to optimize your Android device and keep it working like a new one. It is bundled with amazing features like Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver, Antivirus, Game Booster, Duplicate Photo Cleaner and many more.

ITL Phone Cleaner is a complete Android kit which takes care of your device very smartly. It effectively cleans and optimizes your Android. You can also find the used storage and occupied RAM on your device directly from the home screen of the app.



The Key Features of ITL Phone Cleaner Are Briefed Below:



  • Junk Cleaner

Continuous usage of the device leads to the generation of various junk files. These files not only impact your device performance but also consume your precious storage space. Scan and clean these files easily using Junk Cleaner.


  • Phone Booster

Your phone could be running slowly due to several processes running on it. You are usually unaware of these processes as many of them are running in the background. These processes consume device RAM and slow down your phone speed. Boost your device using this feature.


  • CPU Cooler


When there are too many processes running on your device, it occupies device RAM and increases CPU usage which heats up your device. Use the CPU Cooler feature to reduce CPU usage and cool down your device.


  • Battery Saver

Enhance the battery life of your device with the Battery Saver feature. It lets you manage your phone’s battery very effectively. Directly manage the battery consuming parameters, create personalized battery profiles and save battery to a great extent.


  • Game Booster

It is very common to experience slow gaming on your device. Phone Cleaner solves all your problems. Load your games faster and enhance your gaming experience tremendously using Game Booster.


  • Duplicate Photos Cleaner

Duplicate photos are very common on any device. They waste your storage space and hence must to be removed. Also, removing them manually could be very hectic. With this feature, you can quickly remove all the duplicate photos on your device and reclaim storage space.


  • Antivirus

The Antivirus feature scans your device for infected files and apps to keep you protected. It also provides real-time protection to identify infected apps at the time of installation.


Other Features


ITL Phone Cleaner is loaded with many other optimization features. Some of them are:


  • Space Manager

Find and delete large files such as videos, documents, etc. and recover large amounts of space.


  • App Manager
    Manage all your installed apps with this feature. Uninstall the ones you don’t use or take a backup of useful apps for quick reinstallation.


  • Social Cleaning

Find and delete all the media files which you get through various social media apps to reclaim space.


  • App Addiction

Find how much time you spent on each and every app installed on your device.


  • Secure Browsing
    Browse securely on the web without leaving your personal information, browsing history, etc. with this feature.




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