How to Track of what your Kids do on Mobiles – Best Parental Control App


Kids with mobile devices can get into a lot of trouble and are vulnerable to many dangers. Guardians can make use of a best parental control app to track kid’s activity. With an app like this, the parents can keep tabs on the phone usage, track whereabouts using child GPS tracker and gain full control of the child’s device.


What is a secure kid in the digital age?

A large number of children now have mobile devices and with that comes the threat of identity theft, exposure to offensive content, etc. Hence in the digital age, a secure kid is that who’s device is secure and safe from any form of cyber attack or other danger.  The common risks usually involve apps like messaging, games, watching videos, social media, etc.


Using parental control app to secure your kid

Parents often worry what the child may be up to on a smartphone while they are away or not monitoring them. The advantage of using a special app for that purpose is to ensure they are safe and also to track the location.

Here are several benefits listed to help get a better idea:

  • Limit Internet usage.
  • Secure your kid by blocking the usage of apps.
  • Limit the time spent using the phone.
  • Monitor the messaging apps.
  • Protect from social media exposure.
  • Schedule mobile phone usage.
  • View an activity log.
  • Prevent cyberbullying.
  • Use GPS child tracker to keep tabs on the kid.


Bit Guardian Parental Control to the rescue

It is a feature-rich app with some of the main features listed here:

  • Block Apps:

Blocking Apps on your child’s mobile means limiting exposure to content online.


  • Tracker child with GPS:

Being able to track the location of their child is a feature many parents desire.


  • Log calls:

Being able to keep tabs on all calls of a child is a highly rated feature that all parents desire.


  • Track SMS:

Messaging is quick and effective. This app allows you to view the SMS log.


  • Prevent App installation:

Preventing your child from installing any app they wish is important to keep them secure.


  • Kiosk mode:

The parent often needs to take control of the child’s device for some reason; the Kiosk mode makes this possible.


  • Panic mode:

Knowing that your child can contact you in the event of an emergency brings peace of mind to most parents. In addition to this, there is an option of setting additional emergency contacts as well.  


  • Fix Schedule:

By being able to fix the day mobile access schedule for the child, a parent gains more control over mobile usage.


  • Geofence:

This app makes it possible to set and enforce a physical boundary that they have set for the kid.


The Geofence feature alerts the parent if the kid crosses the virtual boundary as per the settings.


  • Speed Limiter:

Many of us use our smartphones to measure traveling speed. This app also allows you to monitor the speed at which your child is going.


By setting the app to receive alerts when the child is over the speed limit, a parent can keep tabs on the child.


  • Anti-theft:

The GPS tracker also comes in handy if the phone is lost or stolen with an excellent anti-theft feature.


  • Access level:

The app does not allow the child to perform a factory reset on the device and remove the parent app.

This a parental control app aims to help secure your kid and make the parents free from constant worry. It keeps track of the mobile device usage and generates reports as per your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to block apps on kids’ phone?

It is possible to do so using a parental control app by first selecting the apps to be blocked on the child’s device. Access the settings from the parent app to achieve this.


  • Can I restrict game time on child device?  


Yes, game time can set to the specific time of the day. Change the setting to allow game apps only as per your schedule.


  • How to use Geofence to restrict child?

Define the Geofence by creating a virtual boundary that maps the physical boundary. The parent’s device will receive an alert if and when the child goes beyond the physical boundary.


  • How to find my kids lost device?

A good parental app will have a GPS tracker. Locating the device of your child is easy when using the correct tracker tool.


  •  Can I prevent a child’s phone usage at bedtime?

Yes, it is possible to do so using an app that allows you full control over the child’s device. It can schedule phone usage; thus, preventing mobile use at bedtime, family time.



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